What I do

As a Functional Nutrition Counselor, I use the principles of root cause resolution, by taking a full body systems approach to your health. I look at what’s going on in your body and what factors may have contributed to your current condition, from past to present, this way I can support and targeted the root cause to help you to best meet your goals.

I have taken the teachings from my Functional Medicine education and customized them for nutrition and lifestyle counseling. The unique approach allows me to reveal the source of your suffering and create a customized nutrition and lifestyle solution for you. 
What makes our therapeutic plans so successful? 

I have been trained in a unique approach that looks at all aspects of your history and your health. This process gives me a deep, intimate understanding of what makes you, you. 
There are four steps in this unique process:  

  1. I help you remove the top inflammatory culprits in your diet and lifestyle.
    We call this “clearing the muddy waters.” This step aims to reduce systemic inflammation (the cause of so many symptoms) and helps you see what is going on in your body that is unique to you. I consider this a “non-negotiable.” Without taking this step, it’s hard to go to the next level of care.

  2. After we clear the muddy waters, we then focus on the symptoms that still remain.
    I take a careful history, listening to all aspects of your story, to identify triggers and root causes in your past and present life. Through this process we also aim to address any deficiencies that might be getting in the way of your healing. These may be nutrient or lifestyle deficiencies.

  3. I work with you to create a customized plan
    I take into consideration your current situation, life demands, preferences and unique history so that I can create a custom plan that feels right to you and evolves with your progress and your needs. We check in along the way and work with you to adjust as necessary.

  4. I am with you every step of the way!
    That means partnering with you and any other providers on your healthcare team that understand the need for a collaborative approach. I believe that today’s health challenges are best served by practitioners and patients working together. You shouldn’t have to go through this alone!  

Note: My work is most successful with people who are willing to make significant changes in their diet and lifestyle in order to get better. For more information and details, you can read answers to frequent questions about my functional approach. 


Functional Nutrition counseling is a revolutionary way of looking at diet and lifestyle that truly treats you as an individual and works with your unique needs to help you improve your health. I work within the principles of Functional Medicine, but with a dedicated perspective on the diet and lifestyle modification upon which those principles rely for their success (and yours). 

Here are some of the ways in which my approach is different: 

  • I work towards root cause resolution, which means I am concerned with why you are experiencing symptoms. my goal is not only to help relieve your symptoms, but to uncover the root cause of your health issues as best as I can to create more sustainable relief. 
  • I can work in partnership with any other healthcare providers you may be seeing as long as they are open to this. 
  • Everyone benefits from strong, positive partnerships, and I believe in working together with your entire medical team to help you realize your goals. 
  • I know that you are not just a collection of tissues and organs. Everything in your body is connected to everything else, and I recognize how each body system affects the whole. I know that other aspects of your life, including your history, your relationships, and your current environment also impact how you feel. This unique way of looking at the body is what allows me to make connections that others miss, and help you modify your diet and lifestyle in ways that will make positive changes for you in both the short and long term. 
  • I give you, your power back as a patient, because we work with the things you have control over each and every day – diet, supplements, sleep, exercise, relaxation and more. Once we help you figure out which lifestyle factors need to shift, you will have more control over your life and your health than you thought possible.